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Apr 24




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All I want to do is mope and whine but I can’t.

Apr 23

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Apr 03

I’m really just a miserable and annoying cunt and I feel really sorry for anyone who knows me.

Mar 31



“I’d rather spill
my coffee
than write about
you again.

It will burn less.” — (j.e.g)

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everything about today just really sucks major ass.

Mar 18

Anonymous asked: Stop himself from asking what had happened. It was apparent by the dark bruise surrounding her cheek and left eye. Without saying anything he stepped into the shower with her, arms wrapping around her slender frame and pulling her close. Pressing a kiss to the top of her head, he promised that her family would never hurt her again. (2/2)


It had been a long time since she bothered telling anyone that her family hurt her. People knew because a few too many trips to the emergency room and more black eyes than Harry could explain away as being clumsy would clue someone in eventually. But Harry just smiled and got really creative with make up and explaining away why she couldn’t run in gym class or just how easy it was the fall down the stairs. 

But it was Stiles, and he saw her when no one else did. She knew when she’d climbed into the bottom of the shower that he’d probably be there eventually. But she couldn’t stop her tears as much as she tried, her shoulders heaving, even when he was there and her body aches, the water turning cold over stark bruises on pale skin. 

So, she just takes comfort in the fact that he’s there and that’s all that really matters. He’s her best friend and he will always be there no matter what. Even when everything else is too much and she’s breaking down.

Anonymous asked: He's been awake for hours now, silently watching Derek sleep. He's aware it's slightly creepy but he hasn't seen the other make in so long and all he wants to do is drown himself in his presence. He's still until his stomach makes noises of protest , demanding food. Dragging himself from the bed to go get breakfast, he leaves a small note on his pillow, his own messy handwriting on it. "If I said I want your body now would you hold it against me? What if I brought breakfast too? -stiles"


Derek had gotten used to sleeping alone. Had gotten used to the empty space by his side. Usually he filled it with pillows, or Socks and Hans. Sometimes Scott or Isaac would come over, Lucas joining them, but it was never the same.

So, when Stiles got up, he didn’t actually notice. It was a half hour later that he rolled over and realized he wasn’t at home. He was in Poland. In the guest house of Stiles’ grandparents. He blinked, licking his lips as he looked over the small note.

He chuckled, sitting up and stretched a little. He grabbed a shirt, tugging it on and walking down the stairs towards the kitchen. He leaned on the threshold, watching the boy read his Polish newspaper, talking fluently to their son. 

Lucas just clapped his hands in celebration rather than understanding. He smirked though, couldn’t help it. “Morning.” he said, walking over to the table and giving Cas a soft kiss on the head.

Mar 17

Anonymous asked: This note is harder to find, but Stiles knows that the magic infused with it will draw her towards it like a beacon. Even if she doesn't realize it at first. Hidden amongst a pile of booms nearly to the ceiling in his room lies a crumpled piece of paper, his own messy script almost indecipherable. "Read some of these in your spare time. Confidence boosters and there's some pretty cool spells. Like how to make someone speak in only Shakespearean. Use them wisely and to your advantage. Stiles."


              [ It takes longer than she would have liked to find the note. She can feel Stiles’ particular brand of magic, but it takes more searching that she realized. Honestly, she hadn’t even realized what she was looking for, just that there was something she was drawn to.

                       Until she’s found the note, it had just been a feeling that she couldn’t shake. Now, she sits on the floor of his room, smiling as she traces sloppy letters, feeling his own magic spark her own, tattoos flaring up her arms in response. She misses it, but the notes help. They really do boost her confidence when she’s feeling like she doesn’t know if she can keep going. It helps. 

         ”Now I have to find that spell for Shakespearean. You have to know you can’t tease me like that. With my luck it’s at the very bottom like this note. Which is probably your plan so I’ll read all of them and be oh so flush with knowledge by the time I’m done.”